Oral W. Dawe
Chief Executive Officer


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Oral Dawe is the founder and CEO of Dawe Holdings and plays an active role in the strategy and investment decisions of the Firm. Oral recognized the need and the desire for investors to access opportunities within the region and outside.  As well as investors and capital, the Dawe Holdings Pte strategy is focused on ensuring companies have closer alignment of interests with investors as either fully or quasi co-investment partners captured within a strong corporate governance environment.

Previously,  Oral was the Chief Executive Officer of J.P.Morgan’s Asia Pacific Commodities Group (Sales/Trading and Principal Investing) and was a member of JPMorgan’s Asia-Pacific Investment Banking Management Committee. Prior,  Oral was with Goldman Sachs for 10 year in a variety of capacities including President Of Goldman Sachs Singapore, Co-Head of Goldman’s Asia-Pacific Commodity Group, Co-Head of North American Energy Sales based in New York and served on a number of Asia-Pacific boards.

Oral has served the Monetary Authority of Singapore as member of both the Singapore Capital Markets Committee and the Singapore Foreign Exchange Committee.

Oral is a Singapore Permanent Resident, a citizen of Canada, and resides in Singapore with his wife and youngest son, and has two older children studying/working overseas.